Tour of the Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera on a cruise from Padua to Venice

Guided tour by boat of the Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera


Embarkation in Padua from the pier from the Scalinata Cinquecentesca to the Portello, ancient river port of the city for a romantic cruise between the Venetian Villas of the Riviera del Brenta.
Sailing along the original river path of the ancient Venetian boats of the 18th century sailing in front of the evocative and superb Villa Giovanelli of Noventa Padovana.
These boats were used by the most wealthy Venetian citizens to reach from the city, their villas in the countryside through Stra, Dolo, Mira, Oriago, Malcontenta, Fusina.
The journey was fascinating and fun, in the slow progress between the Villas and the weeping willows, ladies and cicisbei, nobles and adventurers, comedians and artists animated the life on board making picturesque and enjoyable the fluvial journey.
The Canal del Brenta that connects Venice with Padua was the fashionable channel, a place of delight and an ideal extension of the Grand Canal of Venice, where more than 40 luxurious villas flourished.
The cruise crosses the waters of the Riviera del Brenta from Padua to Venice taking tourists on a visit to the Venetian Villas, stopping in the most beautiful and famous Venetian Villas linked to famous names such as Palladio and Tiepolo.
An evocative journey that, crossing 9 revolving bridges and 5 locks, real water elevators, allows tourists to ascend or descend a height difference of 10 meters between Venice and Padua.
The Tour is recommended to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the Riviera del Brenta, between villas, riparian villages and revolving bridges, seen from the river, includes bus transfers to Padua and back from Venice, sailing in a mini-cruise, driving aboard the boat , the guided visit to the interiors of Villa Foscari called La Malcontenta, Villa Widmann of Mira and Villa Pisani of Stra.

Break for lunch at the famous restaurant, where the boat docks.

The quote includes

  • Transportation by minibus or minivan of our property.
  • Mini-cruise, private guide service all day.
  • Entrance to the 3 Villas: Villa Foscari called La Malcontenta, Villa Widmann, Villa Pisani.
  • Lunch with drinks included.

The quote not include

Any other entrances, extra, gratuities, travel cancellation insurance and everything not mentioned under: “The quote not include”.


Tessari viaggi reserves the right to change the order of visits to organizational reasons.
Technical organization: Tessari viaggi.
The operating license prot. nr. 73 of 02/01/2006 Naval SPA insurance policy nr. 4201467/N

Price per person € 180

Departure guaranteed with a minimum of 6 participants

03/3/18 al 04/11/18 Friday Saturday Sunday

For other dates please call us or send us an email request.

Motorway exit of Vicenza East, Vicenza Ovest, Soave.

Transfers on request:
**Transfer from the Motorway exit Verona South, price per person€ 25

**Transfer from the Motorway exit Padova Est, price per person € 30

**Transfer from Venice (Venice Holiday Inn), price per person € 35