The best taverns and restaurants in Vicenza, where to eat products and typical dishes of Italian gastronomy

The best restaurants and trattorias in Vicenza


Trattorias isetta

Trattoria Isetta, matter of history ...

For over 60 years our specialty is grilled meats, cooked on a real grill in front of a real fire, you can see from the room.
As per tradition, before being cooked is done to see to the customer.
So since 1950, and so it will continue to be.

In our restaurant everything from sticks to the pasta, gnocchi with cream and sweets prepared by us ...

Vecchia ostaria toni cuco

The restaurant Vecchia ostaria toni cuco, collect their guests in a room where furniture and good taste come together in a warm and friendly atmosphere, enhanced by fireplaces which give a sense of pleasant serenity.
Three rooms: two internal for business dinners and appointments of every day, a summer terrace for delicious dinners in the frame of the Colli Vicentini.

Restaurants La Marescialla

The Marescialla restaurant is located on the hill of Montebello Selva, surrounded by famous wine producers screws as Cavazza, Dal Maso, Cecchin.
Besides the numerous proposals of meat, such as fettuccine with white sauce kid cut knife and crunchy vegetables, or roast beef pastures of Nebraska, cooked English and finished with extra virgin olive Gambellara chef patron Francis recommends the specialties fish based.