Description, history and photos of Villa Pisani one of the many Palladian villas can be visited in Venice

Villa Pisani


Situated along the Riviera del Brenta, 10 minutes from Padua, 20 from Venice, the majestic villa of the noble Pisani hosted in its 114 rooms Doges, kings and emperors.
Magnificent and spectacular is the villa built in Stra for Santo Stefano Pisani, now Villa Pisani called La Nazionale.

Initially Pisani gave the task to the architect Girolamo Padovano Frigimelica (1654-1732).
The initial project only the stables were built, while the construction of the villa is entrusted to Francesco Maria Preti from Castelfranco (1701-1774).

The rear of the villa is as impressive as the facade looks on a long bath to which are the background the wonderful team.

The villa was built between 1736 and 1756 to celebrate the election of Alvise Pisani as doge, which occurred in 1735.

The building has less than 114 rooms, in the lounge Ballroom, lit by large windows, is the fresco by Tiepolo where he painted Glory of the Pisani.
Jacopo Guarana frescoed the vault of the staircase and the Bacchus room.
The painters Crosato Zais G. and F. Canal with their work adorned many other rooms.

Gone is the republic of Venice, the Villa Pisani change master, bought by Napoleon in 1807 and donated to his stepson Eugene Beauharnais.
He stayed in the villa of Emperor Franz I, the Emperor of Mexico and Vittorio Emanuele II.

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