The best wineries of Verona selected by Veneto Passion, with guided tours and wine tastings

The best wineries of Verona for tours and wine tastings


Wine Museum Villa Canestrari

The realization of the wine museum Canestrari was wanted not only to witness the work of four generations of winemakers, also to convey to young people, because it was difficult, but fascinating, the work of grandparents and great-grandparents to make the wine.
Our best wines are put to age in small barrels or oak barrels in underground cellars of Colognola and Illasi.

Massimago cellar

Carved into the rock, the Massimago cellar is a place of peaceful reflection and silence where the dust settles slowly and the wine is sleeping calmly.
Already in 800 in the Massimago Tenuta winery, wine was produced the best grapes.
From 2003 he begins a new adventure and the project of making wine and bottle the wine begins with Camilla...

Cellar Ca Rugate

The wine-growing history of the Tessari family began in the early twentieth century, when Amedeo Tessari, said Midéo, he rented an inn in pot holder, a small fraction of Albaredo d'Adige, and sells the wine of the family.
From 2002 to 2011 it is acquired about 40 hectares, in the best areas of the municipalities of Monteforte d'Alpone and Montecchia, which consolidate the existing business area of 60 hectares under vine.
Currently we export and distribute in 97 Italian provinces and 25 international borders.


We'll visit the Tessari winery, driving with passion through the path that starts from our vineyards, passes for the transformation of grapes into wine and comes to tasting wine pairings to local products.
To the east of Verona, the Soave area is formed by 5 valleys: the Valley of Marcellise, the Mezzane, Val d'Illasi, the Tramigna Valley and the Val d'Alpone. The latter is the most easterly and along with Soave is the ...

Winery Sandro De Bruno

Balance between originality and territory.
This is the philosophy that Sandro, owner of the winery Sandro De Bruno wanted to create.
Scrupulous attention to all stages of production and research of many little details.
With Dr. support. Stephen Chioccioli and a cutting-edge winemaking technology, we were able before to interpret and exploit the vineyard, extracting the best qualitative components of the grapes.

Cellar Canestrari

We are the fourth generation. For over 150 years the Bonuzzi family produces wines from its own vineyards.
The company, which in the 1990s took the name of Villa Canestrari, is formed by the merger Bonuzzi company, founded by his paternal great-grandparents, in Colognola ai Colli with that of his maternal grandparents, Franks, active for almost a century in Illasi and owner Villa Canestrari.