The best wineries of Vicenza selected by Veneto Passion, with guided tours and wine tastings

The best wineries of Vicenza for tours and wine tastings


Winery Dal Maso

Located in Montebello Vicentino (Italy), offers guided tours of the winery and tasting customized to satisfy the enthusiasts and the most demanding connoisseurs.
In addition to visiting the winery Dal Maso, you can make a Stroll in the vineyard and wine tasting with appetizers buffet.
The tasting room holds 40 people and an area dedicated to the sale.

Winery Zonin

Zonin winery is one of the most important Italian private wine companies and among the first on an international scale.
It 'a company that markets and distributes wines and sparkling Zonin brand and the ten family estates.
Casa Vinicola Zonin has a vineyard area of approximately 2,000 hectares, conducted by a team of 32 winemakers and agronomists of 9 Seals located in 7 Italian regions with the highest wine vocation.

Winery Bellaguardia

Under the castles of Romeo and Juliet, in the Montecchio Maggiore, near Vicenza, you expect to find anything but a classic method sparkling wine, so what good, sparkling wine in the bottle, Champagne Italian to say it is.
A vineyard perched on the coast between the village and the castle, where the winds come from the Pasubio, from Carega and by Asiago's Plateau increase the temperature range with great benefit for the grapes.
A classic artisan method, without compromising product from Bellaguardia winery ...
It 'about the purchase Caltran family of almost all the vineyards of the Castelli also adding other fields on the mountain summit. She goes to her about saving the land, if it is not cultivated, slides down. Other systems work, other labor.
With the sparkling wine of the farm Bellaguardia that takes name from the fact Juliet Castle always remains the excellence of the wine of the Castelli pride of Strobele sisters, an ancient glory for Montecchio the past times.

Winery Pieriboni

It is in 1970 that Adrian, the son of Attilio, with the help of his wife Milena creates winery Pieriboni buying in Mason Montebello resort at the foot of the hills a small farmhouse surrounded by no more 'than 10 hectares of land.
In the late 90s the company acquires new properties, and due to the production of wines of great quality, it wins a significant space in the wine world.
Their goal is to continuously improve the quality of their wines starting from the country until the cellar; for this exercise the professionalism of agricultural technicians and wine experts.

Winery Villa Angarano

Winery Villa Angarano is in the area to the east of the DOC Breganze, and currently occupies fifty hectares, of which 8 are vineyards stretching to the right bank of the river Brenta.
After almost seven hundred years of traditional methods now five sisters Bianchi Michiel, carrying out the new wines such as Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay to follow and Vespaiola.